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Canvaso is your online shop for personalized canvases. Together with us, you design your beautiful wall decoration or an unforgettable gift for all kinds of occasions in just a few seconds. Then, our team makes your personal canvas by hand. Designing your own canvas is very simple. All you need to do is choose your favorite design from one of our many categories. Each design can be customized in several ways and you get to preview them right away. You can add names to your canvas and sometimes you can also add a date that is significant to you. This way you can easily create a personalized gift for an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, or any other occasion. When you are done filling in your information, you can click on the "Show Preview" button and in just a few seconds, you will see a preview of your canvas, which will look exactly like the real version, which we will then print and manufacture.

Our Customers Are Thrilled:

Gifts For Every Occasion

Canvases For Couples

Express your feelings to a loved one with an image and discover our personalizable canvases for couples. You can choose from numerous designs which you can personalize for you and your loved one in no time. As a hand-picked decoration for your home or as a surprise for a special occasion, it's up to you. A canvas with your names will be a lasting sign of your love.

Canvases For Families

But also our personalized canvases for families are very compelling with their wide variety of designs. Where life takes place every day, where all family members come together, talk, and spend time with each other, a canvas from Canvaso with your dream design could be hanging very soon in your home. The family name printed on a high-quality canvas stretched on a frame made of solid wood and accompanied by the family's motto is the perfect way to show the family's bond to the outside world as well. With us, you can design your very own family canvas in just a matter of minutes.

Your Photo On Canvas

But Canvaso has even more to offer. In addition to our ready-to-use designs, you can also choose from many different designs that let you personalize your canvas yourself. Here you can simply upload one or more of your own photos to turn memories, quick snapshots, and intimate moments into a personalized canvas for yourself or as a gift.

Our Philosophy

The team at Canvaso.com has made it its mission to create the most beautiful and high-quality canvases for you, personalized and handcrafted. This is how you gift love and joy to someone who means a lot to you. Would you like to know more about us? Here you will find the most important information about us:

Our personalized canvases are suitable gifts for all kinds of occasions. For example, birthdays, weddings, and engagements, as well as special days of the year, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. But who needs a reason to make someone you love happy? With Canvaso, you have a wide range of designs at your disposal 365 days a year, with new ones added regularly. So you can also say "Thank you" or "I love you" just for the sake of it.

Canvaso gives everyone the opportunity to give mesmerizing designs on canvas as gifts. You don't have to be a designer to do this, because we take care of that part. Anyone who is looking for a personal gift has come to the right place at Canvaso.

Canvaso stands for romantic gifts, exclusive designs, and high-quality manufacturing at the highest level. In doing so, we pay great attention to the sustainable use of raw materials, in order to preserve the environment in the long term and place less strain on it. Our canvas is vegan. The paint we use is water-based and thus eco-friendly. The wood for our stretcher frames comes from local and certified forestry. This way, long transportation distances can be avoided. The packing of our canvas prints is made of recycled cardboard. An important step towards the protection of the environment, but for us a perfectly natural thing to do.

To make sure that you get your new canvas as soon as possible, we work around the clock for you. Within 24 hours of ordering, your personal canvas will be printed, dried, and then stretched on a frame made of solid wood as quickly as possible. One business day later we will ship it out via the Premium service of USPS & FedEx. We guarantee you a gorgeous and high-quality canvas. If unfortunately, something is not right with your canvas, you will receive a free replacement as soon as possible. We are not happy until you are. If you have any questions about the ordering process or just want to learn more about us, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions. There you will find the most important answers.

Beautiful Canvases

Romantic, Personal, Individual: Personalized Canvases With Gorgeous Designs
There is very little which brings as much joy as a personalized gift - whether it is a birthday present for your partner, a wedding present for a colleague, or a special gift for a friend. The very special connection you have is just as important here as the knowledge that someone has really thought about the gift - for an official occasion, as a Valentine's Day gift for a friend, or just an extravagant gift for loved ones as proof of profound affection.

Are you looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend's birthday or do you want to surprise your husband for your anniversary with a gift that is not only beautiful and one-of-a-kind, but also a stunning decoration for your home, then you've come to the right place at Canvaso! Here you will find high-quality canvas prints with exclusive designs, which you can customize even further if you wish. You can choose from our "Relationship & Love", "Wedding" and "Extravagant" categories, each with a wide variety of special, impressive, and top-quality canvas prints. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find it here:

  • Valentine's Day gifts
  • Birthday gift for a friend
  • Gift ideas for a wedding
  • Anniversary gifts for her
  • Romantic gifts for men
  • Anniversary gift for him
  • Personalized gift for your partner
  • Christmas gift for a friend
  • Love Gifts

A Unique Intertwining Of Art And Romance
Are you a witness at a wedding, do you know the groom from your school years and do you want to make this special day in the life of your friend and his bride-to-be even more memorable with a very personal gift? You don't like the ideas for a wedding gift that are coming to mind? We understand this - just being original is often not enough. That is why at Canvaso.com you get three things in one: special gifts for couples, personalized with their names, the wedding date or a custom text - and at the same time, a decorative work of art, which the newlyweds can put on the wall of their first home together and be reminded each day of the most beautiful day of their lives. And how about not just putting the wedding gift on the gift table among all the others, but also choosing something exceptional at the "How" and putting the canvas as a gift for your friend and his wife in the bridal suite as a welcome greeting? On an easel, with a white ribbon, these personalized works of art are the perfect gifts for couples in love, who want to keep remembering this day forever. The size of your personalized dream image on our canvas as an original wedding gift can also be decided by you: simply check which of the four sizes "small", "medium", "large" or "extra-large" is most appropriate as a personal gift for your friend. It is very easy to create a beautiful, unique, and lasting personal gift for a friend. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to Canvaso.com
  2. Choose your favorite design - from romantic to extravagant
  3. Personalize the image with names, numbers or a short text
  4. Choose which size you want and how you want to pay
  5. Submit your order

A more special, beautiful, and personal gift for men and women in love just doesn't exist. Not to mention, your friends will have a real work of art on their wall - the start of the collection is here!

Canvaso As A Daily Proof Of Happiness
Of course, all of our canvases as wedding gift ideas are not just customizable, but also high-quality workmanship, printed on a 240 g/m² canvas, without a white edge and with an elegant 20 mm thick wooden stretcher frame from FSC(R)-certified sustainable production. But, of course, they don't always need to be wedding gifts.

Likewise as a gift for a friend, as the perfect souvenir of the first vacation together, as a Valentine's Day gift for her, as a gift for the first anniversary, or as a birthday gift for a friend, especially for the friend with whom you used to spend a lot of time or as a gift for the birthday of that friend who loves contemporary art and neon colors. Because we have such extraordinary, popular designs in our range as well:

When you select "Super Lovio", the co-op mode is activated! As a perfect gift for your anniversary, for your boy- or girlfriend with whom you want to play all the levels of life in the years to come: discover together which bonus points are hiding in your joint time! An anniversary gift that, as a beautiful interior decoration, playfully contains the message of a long joint future.

"Neon Love" is the perfect gift for a partner who loves contemporary art. Thanks to the high-quality printing of the crispest colors, the depicted neon tubes look like they are lit up. As a romantic gift for your girlfriend, whom you want to show the radiance of your love with the flower - or rather this beautiful decoration - as a gift for Valentine's Day for men or as a gift to celebrate your first year together.

Speaking of Italy, for many people the day just can't start properly without coffee. And isn´t the way to someone's heart is through their stomach? Add your names to our Coffee Canvas and display your personal gift in the kitchen for your partner: this gift idea is sure to find a nice and permanent spot. Because in this way, this exclusive gift for your anniversary will remind you not just once of your special love, but every morning at breakfast together.

You see: no matter what theme you are looking for as a gift for Valentine's Day, as an anniversary gift for her, or as a gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend, you have come to the right place! Choose Beach or Live Road for memories of traveling together, Night Sky for memories of romantic hours under the stars, or our canvas prints from the "Extravagant" category for very personal gifts for your friend.

Gifts For Valentine's Day - For The Entire Year
There are countless gift ideas for Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day gifts for him, Valentine's Day gifts for her, or general gift ideas for Valentine's Day. But as lovely as this day is for lovers: do you and your better half really feel the same way 365 times a year on February 14? Then go for something lasting and choose one of our canvases! As a Valentine gift for men or Valentine gift for your girlfriend: our Valentine gifts are not just personalized gifts for your partner. They also outshine most other Valentine's gifts, because the decorative canvases will decorate your joint home for years to come. The same goes if you are looking for gifts to celebrate the anniversary of your relationship, a birthday gift for your boyfriend or friend, or just a personalized gift for your partner. While other gift ideas for anniversaries are often quickly forgotten, our canvases are romantic gifts for the ages.

If your dream canvas is meant as a truly unique gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, hang it above the entrance to the party room - with this extraordinary gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend you will show the entire world your love in a unique way. And when you take this romantic gift home, you can look at it in all its glory. When you see your names on the elegant canvas, he or she will know that you have put a lot of thought into this special gift for your partner. And the party guests? They will not only receive a special greeting but will surely immediately start thinking about gift ideas for their own anniversary - no problem: Canvaso offers countless designs and themes for the most diverse occasions! Whether it is a special gift for your friend, a gift for your partner, or a Valentine's Day gift.

Romantic Gifts For Him And Her At Canvaso.com
Gifts for your dearest, gifts for your friend for an anniversary in your relationship, romantic gifts for women, gifts for men for Valentine's Day.... In short: special gifts for your partner can be found here! Are you always together, but would you like to write a love letter? Then do it the right way and choose our canvas Love Letter! Instead of just wrapping the present for your boyfriend's birthday and personalizing it with a card, you can make it even more personal and use our decorative image as a medium for your own message.

Simply pick a theme for the gift for an anniversary in your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or for Valentine's Day for your husband or wife, fill in your own love note - name, date, or text - just think about where it will be displayed, then select the right size, send your order and look out for the quick delivery!

Personalized Canvases As Gifts For Couples: Even More Beautiful In The Right Place
Restaurant owners know that the right location is the key to success. Your canvas as a romantic gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend will also make an even more profound impression on him/her if you choose the right place to display it. Like any image, you can hang our printed canvases on any exposed wall in your home - choose a theme for the birthday gift for your friend where the colors fit your interior. Or hang the Valentine gift for the man/woman in a place where your accessories like pillows or tablecloths already reflect the romantic atmosphere of the picture. This way, the already very unique gift for your partner has an even more decorative effect and you can recreate wonderful moments you spent together. A personal canvas as a gift brings the magic of your love back into your home every day: a work of art that spreads a special atmosphere.

Sustainable Gift Ideas For Your Partner
Does our image "Love Tree" speak to you? Or the themes "Flowers", "Ocean" and "Infinity"? Then we bet you are doing your best to not have a negative impact on the environment yourself in daily life, in order for the two of you to enjoy the beauty of this world until the very end. When you place an order from Canvaso.com, you can be assured that we handle the raw materials responsibly and economically. After all, we also place great importance on sustainability, and we guarantee you:

  • Water-based printing ink
  • Wooden stretcher frame entirely from 100% FSC(R) certified, environmentally sustainable production
  • Local, socially responsible production in Germany, from the first to the last step.

Another advantage of the fact that our gifts for Valentine's Day and anniversaries for him are so eco-friendly: if you can't decide, you can order two or more canvases without any qualms! A very beautiful and impressive effect is also achieved by making a personalized picture wall - design a highly personal collage on the wall of your room using your love messages and memories on canvases in different sizes!

Even More Benefits Of Canvaso.com
We will summarize it for you: At our shop, you will find gifts for Valentine's Day for men and women, birthday gifts for him and her, wedding and anniversary gifts, or just beautiful, personal, unique, and artistic gift ideas for in between. What's more, our canvases are all durable, long-lasting, and are sure to be real eye-catchers.

  • You can choose among payments via PayPal and by credit card.
  • As soon as we ship your Canvaso, we'll provide you with the tracking number so you can trace your package.
  • Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us by email or through our contact form; within 24 hours a member of our knowledgeable and friendly support team will respond to your question.
  • Personalize your dream canvas today and receive something romantic, personal, and artsy for eternity!
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